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Listen to YouTube, Spotify music in app and background with complete music player experience.


Create playlist from YouTube, Spotify playlist url or add them manually to save your favourite music.


Save YouTube video & Spotify music onto your devices with lot's of audio/video formats and bitrates.


Edit the audio with best editor powered by Google to create Ringtones or just trim music as you like.


Some of the app snaps showing it's unique features.

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Smaller the app size better the experience that's what my ultimate aim gonna be. As the app is open source people can contribute freely to the project. The app is not on Google Play as they won't allow such illegal and policy breaker service.

The app is abandoned due to personal reasons.


Find out more about YTPlayer with it's exclusive & well written wiki on Github.

1 January, 2020

Purchasing Premium Content

Starting from YTPlayer version 1.4 there are some limitation on usage of YTPlayer which includes Ads & Pop-ups, Equalizer effects disabled, Limited downloads (15 per day).

25 August, 2019

Working of Spotify API in YTPlayer

So basically YTPlayer doesn't use official Spotify API to get request as they are deprecated and has limited usage in terms of implementation. So in this wiki you will see how it works.

25 August, 2019

Implementing YTPlayer API in your Project

YTPlayer doesn't actually have API in real sense, those are all classes which can be use for specific function. Check classes of YTPlayer API & their wiki page for more info.