Kaustubh Patange

Mumbai · India, 421203 · developerkp16@gmail.com

I'm 20 years old self taught developer who loves developing apps for Android, Windows & sometimes for other platforms too.

I also share some interesting learnings through small posts on my personal blog.


University of Mumbai

Bachelor of Engineering
Computer Engineering - Forth Year
August 2018 - Present

R.V Nerurkar Junior College

Class 12 - Science

Percentage: 87

July 2016 - February 2018


Programming Languages & Tools
Summing up


Apart from developing apps I usually spent my time thinking & developing general solutions to some problems that I face which leads to development of some open-sourced libraries like navigator, AutoBindings, etc.

I also love sharing my knowledge by writing articles, blogs where I take deep dive into certain topics I have interest in eg: Navigation in Jetpack Compose.


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Cross Platform - Windows (C#), Android (Kotlin)
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Android - Kotlin, XML
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Gear VPN

Android - Kotlin, Jetpack Compose
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Android Development Kit

Windows - C#, Java, C++, Html5
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Kling: Visual KeyLogger

Windows - C# (WPF)
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Insight: for Engineers

Android - Java, XML
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Cross Platform - C#, JavaFx
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Resource Hooker

Windows - C#, C++
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Coolpad Toolkit

Windows - Batch, C++

compose-color A plugin for Intellij based IDEs to draw rectangle on the editor's gutter denoting the color represented by androidx.compose.ui.graphics.Color. Clicking on the color icon from the gutter will open a color picker dialog to modify the color.
aow ADB over wifi (aow) is a command line tool written in Rust for adb to connect device to your machine over wifi. On top of that it can do a lot of things for eg taking a screenshot, recording screen, testing deeplinks etc.
git-open A command line tool written in Rust for git to open project website of the containing repository.
ColorX A utility which allows you to pick or get Hex color codes from the object. It's like a Color Picker but in my style. This is one of my favourite project which I use a lot.
YTPlayer (Deprecated) An app which allows you to download YouTube & Spotify songs onto your device. You can also listen to any YouTube music in background and can edit audio files within app.