Packed with features

Fully loaded with awesome features that are carefully designed for the users

Beautiful design

Each layers in the app are thoroughly designed to meet the material design guidelines

Performance matters

Fast & more performant apps are always my goal to achieve, it's not new that Moviesy is part of it

Awesome Features

Some of the features that makes it unique from other YTS clients

Torrent Downloader

Built-in functionality to download movies without leaving the app

Media player

A built-in player to watch movies without the need 3rd party apps

Chromecast support

Cast movies to Android TV or any chromecast device

Tons of Movies

Choose from tens of thousands of high quality HD/4K movies


Get excellent recommendation of the movies based on your interest

Subtitle feature

Get subtitles in player as well as download them


A quick look at the app & its features

Premium plans

You cannot get any cheaper plans like this on other similar website



  • ❌ Unlimited movie downloads
  • ❌ Higher quality streaming
  • ❌ Subtitles while casting
  • ❌ No irritating ads/popups
  • ✔️ Automatic app updates



  • ✔️ Unlimited movie downloads
  • ✔️ Higher quality streaming
  • ✔️ Subtitles while casting
  • ✔️ No irritating ads/popups
  • ✔️ Automatic app updates


Some frequently asked questions as well as some quick guides

1. Purchasing premium using PayPal?

Once the app is installed on your device, launch it & open the drawer from top left corner & select premium. A popup will be shown where you can choose the payment gateway, one of them is Paypal. Once payment is complete your premium will be unlocked.

1. Purchasing premium using Google Pay?

This procedure is little bit different. First you need to follow this guide & complete all the steps as mentioned. Once that is done launch the Moviesy app & your premium should've unlocked.

1. Payment done but premium not activated?

This could cause due to lot of issues, you need to read this guide which covers some solutions for your problem.

1. App is crashing, need support?

I had an excellent guide for this very problem. If the app is misbehaving on your phone let me know & we will work together on a fix. Learn more about it here.

One of the idea I had in mind while developing the app is that I want the app to be clean i.e to be written using latest technologies in the Android world by following some architecture patterns & to use best practices along the way. This app was my first approach to clean code so there may be few nitpicks where the cohesion is not maintained.

I tried / still trying to produce & implement great features in the app because let's be honest I use this app extensively & dogfooding is the only way to keep evolving the product as you progress.

The code is open sourced on GitHub so if you have any idea, bug report or feature request then create a new issue & lets have a talk :)

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